Boat Builders In Upcoming Boat Shows

As a leading boat manufacturer in boats industry Boat Builders are always trying to be in the right place to show their high quality boats to all fans. This year is going to be really special and the schedule of boat shows has really important dates.

The Düsseldorf International Boat Show ( JANUARY 18 – 26 , 2020 )

One of the biggest boat shows in Europe and even in the whole world. Dusseldorf boat show is the dream place for every boats fan or manufacturer. it is the place where you can find the people who are attending a class of boating and another sailing enthusiast group who is trying the latest sailing inventions and in addition to all those fun seekers you will meet a huge audience who is interested in all types of boats from fishing boats for their fishing hobbies to parasailing boats for their parasailing business not forget mentioning the high class visitors who wants to have their luxury dream boat. Everybody will find what he searches for in Dusseldorf boat show. That is why we in Boat Builders never missed a year we take the chance each year to meet with our customers or potential customers in this boat show to bring our latest boats to them and to get their feedback. This multinational opportunity to meet with customers who are interested in our boats from every single country in the world make us more willing to present our Boat Builders name in the best way and show our different type of boats to this huge audience each year.

CNR Avrasya Boat Show ( February 21 – March 1 , 2020 )

This big boat show takes place in Istanbul the economic capital of Turkey. This boat show has a huge importance for us in Boat Builders because it helps us to connect with the customers in north Africa and in the GCC countries which represents a great potential customers base for us and it will give us the chance to show the visitors of those countries our latest parasailing boats, commercial boats and motor boats.

According to the this boat show organizers there are more than 73000 domestic attenders which also would be great way to communicate with the Turkish boats market audience and see which of our 4 boats categories (commercial boats, fishing boats, motor boats, parasailing boats) do they prefer for their business.

We try our best each year to connect with our customers and our base fan all over the world by participating in those boat shows and international event to keep our customers up-to-date with our latest boats products in all the categories from commercial boats to fishing boats and not forget to mentioning the parasailing boats and motor boats for sure.

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