Commercial Boats

Our Commercial Boats is a clear of example of the powerful boats with so much features that suits all the different kind of boats lovers. If you are a water sport fan, starting your own small business of parasailing or any other different water sports kind or even you were trying to improve you already created business with new strong and high quality boats. We offer you a variate range of commercial boats to choose from them the best which suits you and your business or your pleasure goals.

Stark 45-C

Stark 45-C provides a unique pleasure at sea

Stark 45

For people who search for performance and pleasure together check Stark 45

Diving 35XL

The deepest dreams are what you get with Diving 35XL

Sea Taxi 35

We offer you a fast and safe cruising with Sea Taxi 35

Excursion 36

Excellent excursion experience you can live it with Excursion 36

Parasailing 36

Power and stability at sea in the same boat : Parasailing 36

Parasailing 34

Parasailing 34 is designed for professionals in water sports

Parasailing 32

Parasailing 32 is back in the sea again

Parasailing 28

Parasailing 28 offers an ergonomic and efficient experience

Parasailing 24

Compact and economic boat : Parasailing 24

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