Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats is so popular type of boats the is used in different countries over the world for fishing business. Many fishers use this kind of boats to catch fishes either for fun or as a part of a small business.

The boats we offer here are full of features to help the fishing men to do their job in a professional way by offering them a big spaces to move on the boat, tools to keep the caught fishes alive on the boat and to lovely environments to live the ultimate experience of fishing for the fun seekers.

Bonito 32 IB

A boat with maximum comfort: Bonito 32 IB

Bonito 32 OB

A boat for those who search for the ultimate comfy sea trips : Bonito 32 OB

Fisher 21

Compact design that would suits your needs : Fisher 21

Bofor 19

A boat that offers you a comfortable and safe experience : Bofor 19

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