Motor Boats

Motor Boats

Motor Boats is one kind of increasingly requested boats around the world. Motor Boats are powered with some kind of motors to speed it up. Those motors could be inbound boats or outbound boats depending on the order and the specifications that has been defined by the customers.

Motor boats is using a motor instead of driving a gearbox to help the boat pushing the water from it at a specif angle.
Those kind of boats contains the standard equipment for the people who want to enjoy the summer with a speedboat.

Goby 280

A boat with a spacious living space, check more here : Goby 280

Goby 280 Sport

A boat with a pleasant living space: GOBY 280 Sport, check more here : Goby 280 Sport

Goby 230

A motor boat with an affordable quality: GOBY 230, check more here : Goby 230

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